We're huge fans of composite fibers here at Bell Canoe Works. They're light, incredibly strong and they look super cool. Our highest-grade composite is something we call BlackGold™ and it is the finest canoe laminate available. >More Info


As you may have surmised, KevLight's primary material is Kevlar®. KevLight™ results from a pretty out-of-the-box, exclusive Bell process called "Lightning Tech Lamination" that bonds our bi-weave layers of Kevlar® into the lightest, most-efficient laminate you can find. >More Info


Resilient and strong, Bell Royalex™ sheets are custom engineered to maximize stiffness and durability while minimizing weight. >More Info

Trim Options

Among paddlers, there are distinct and very particular constituencies: people who agonize over details like trim. Sound familiar? For traditionalists, yokes, thwarts and gunwales crafted from either straight-grained white ash or black walnut are a must. Energy gel junkies are probably best served by our aluminum trim option which is low on maintenance and weight, but way up there on durability. Advocates of aesthetic integrity and practicality find mixing and matching component materials is the way to go. And lest we forget the Royalex™ contingent: for them, the trim is a combination of vinyl and ash. Hopefully this was helpful. Now it's time for id and super ego to hash it out.

Paddling a Bell is a different experience than paddling any other canoe. It all begins with our constant radius, shallow arch hull design. The resulting elliptical cross-center underwater profile provides an unprecedented combination of initial and secondary stability. Solid and stable when you're paddling upright. Ditto when you find yourself in the neighborhood of some waves or choppy water. In fact, this unique bottom design means a Bell canoe actually becomes less tippy under motion and provides a comforting level of predictable stability appreciated by canoeists of all experience levels. Novices can get better, expert paddlers can get where they want to go.

Of course, the distinction of being a Bell canoe doesn't stop there. To complement this innovative hull design, every Bell touring canoe employs a differential rocker. By designing the bow with more rocker than the stern, the canoe turns easily. By employing less rocker in the rear of the canoe, it also tracks a straight line. Basically, the boat paddles straighter but also turns quicker and with less effort. And, every Bell canoe (except whitewater) features this design, so if you like the way one Bell paddles, you like the way another Bell model will paddle.

Lastly, our proprietary Shouldered Flare design actually decreases the width of the boat at the gunwales to improve access to the water for easier paddling - while still directing splashing waves away from the paddler for a dry ride. This unique design also lowers the freeboard - or amount of boat out of the water - dramatically reducing wind-resistance. Combine these innovative designs with one of Bell's amazing construction materials and you have a boat most people can only dream about. Especially if they're boat designers.